When you know, you know

You know your favorite place, your favorite season, your favorite food, your favorite singer/band, your favorite movie, and even your favorite person. 

When I say your favorite person, I am referring to your person who you know you want to be with. The person you’re willing to fight with, laugh with, take adventures with and love.

When you know, you know. 


Letting them figure it out on their own

I recently had a client whose child was born with a physical deformity. 

Self disclosure: so was I. 

The first meeting we had, we were able to build rapport in the fact that we have something in common, although it isn’t something the mother knows how to deal with, because she wasn’t born that way. 

I can tell she is worried, and to tell you the truth, although mine wasn’t a genetic effect, I’m still curious and worried if my children would be born with a similar deformity. 

The best advice I could give her was to let him figure out how to use his hands by himself. For now he’s so young he won’t be doing much, but when he gets older, he’ll want to learn how to do certain things and it might be different than most, but he will make it work the best he can. 

A parents biggest fear seems to be whether or not their child will succeed. When a change in physical appearance occurs, it’s easy to believe they are loosing the chance to succeed in life, yet, this just might be their gift.