Practicing with your friends

Recently I’ve had a friend struggling with depression and severe anxiety, although not yet officially diagnosed, it was pretty straight forward to recognize the signs when talking to them. 

As a future Social Worker, and as their best friend, I found it pertinent to help them understand the importance of seeking and utilizing services from a Social Worker in their area. I assisted by searching the listings of LCSWs in their area, reading the profiles and then promoting the people I found to my friend. 

It was a great feat for them, as previous experiences as a child had not been positive, and yet they were willing to listen to me and my testimony of the Social Work field, and the positive benefits they can receive from seeking counseling from a fellow Social Worker. 

It was a proud moment for me as a friend to hear they leapt forward and made the decision to call around to find the next available Social Worker. Sending my friend the profiles helped to ease their mind, as well as being able to explain as a friend what benefits could be seen through talking to someone about their personal life struggles.

They informed me they had an appointment scheduled, and had many worries but would still attend the session. 

To help ease their mind I offered to call them before the session to remind them of why they had shown up in the first place. 

Today, this person went in after talking to me for a few minutes and called me afterwards letting me know how grateful they were that I helped them gain the confidence to see this Social Worker. They felt that it was a good fit and that there truly was no judgment behind the Social Worker they saw. It was great to hear that what I had told my friend was held true. 

Today I am proud to be a future Social Worker.