When You Don’t Fit In

There have been many times where I go out in public and don’t feel that I fit in with the crowd that I’m currently in.

The other night, I agreed to go to a music show with a friend. What I didn’t realize was that I was going to be the odd (wo)man out. By odd (wo)man out, I mean I didn’t have tattoos, I wasn’t wearing all black, and I had no idea what the musician was singing because it was inaudible to someone like myself who doesn’t listen to punk rock bands, ever, except for that night.

It was one of those nights where after I walked in, I immediately said to myself, “I’m going to need a drink to survive this”. This isn’t something I say very often, but this time, I knew it was the only thing that would make the half naked fatter guy singing on stage more tolerable to watch.

This was an experience that was good for me because I branched out of my bubble, even if it was for only one evening.

Many times I am very willing to go to events which I have minimal connection to, besides a friend. I’ve gone to Greek festivals, watched independent films in other languages, and go to art shows with influences that I have never heard of.

I’m thinking of making a bucket list of things to do that are out of my realm of comfort.

I’m a person with a “plain Jane” attitude. I don’t typically take chances if I feel I might embarrass myself, I stick to the same few activities, and go to the same places because it’s comfortable.

Because of this, I know now, at almost 25 I need to broaden my horizons and explore even more than I have recently.