As I Sit Here Listening

As I sit here in a Starbucks in North County of San Diego, I’m able to over hear the struggle of a guy who is trying to find a program allowing him to use his FAFSA grant towards an associates program of his choice.

I’ve heard him struggle with making sure the people at the other end of the line understand what his needs are, knowing he needs to gain information as quickly as possible in order to apply to a program before the deadline. I’ve heard his struggle with his phone not working properly, and loosing contact with the human on the other line.

As a future social worker, I’m recognizing out the struggles some people are going through to find a place that will allow them to move forward with their life.

Now this may not be the worlds biggest hurdle to some of us, but to many, trying to gain information and access to a program or a person is a constant struggle, and I applaud this man for continuing his search and the desire to move forward.

Keep moving forward sir, I can tell you are determined.

If you keep calling, someone is bound to listen.


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