Don’t tell me to breathe….

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of relaxation exercises, it makes me more annoyed than anything.
Ironically enough this semester I’m taking a course titled: Mindfulness and Acceptance.

As you can imagine, having to do mindfulness exercises for homework irritates me since I was already annoyed by my teacher last semester having us start the class with ten minutes of relaxation techniques every week.

I know what to do in order to relax, I know what I enjoy doing and how to calm myself down when need be, so I really get annoyed when someone tells me we have to do it for an assignment. I don’t know why, but it’s probably the fact that I find it a waste of time, even though I know as a future clinical social worker I’ll have to use these techniques with my clients.

As my teacher said, “never tell a client to do something you’re not willing to do yourself”. I find this to be such an accurate statement when it comes to these techniques I have to learn to accept throughout the semester.

My classmates love it because it’s a ten minute break from class really, but for me, I find it a waste of time, and want to remind the teacher were paying for the course material not to sit and breathe.. But again, this time it’s actually a valid activity with this course.

This is going to be a struggle.



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