One year left

One year left; I only have one year left of my graduate program, I can’t believe I get to start the countdown finally.A year from this past weekend I’ll be in cap and gown, crossing the stage with my diploma, heading into the real world of adulthood (well, kinda I guess).

This year I learned a lot about myself. I learned I really do have the patience of a saint, yet, I need to remember I can rely on others when times get tough. I need to recognize when I’m struggling the most, because I don’t always handle it appropriately.

Self care is huge! Don’t let yourself get burnt out so quickly in graduate school, we still have a minimum of 40 years in the work force to deal with and will learn how to handle ourself during it.

I can’t believe in less than a year I’ll be officially on a big girl job hunt, where I can list my masters degree on my resume, knowing it will be completed and I can really get to work helping those who need it most consistently.

Oh, also, I received word I qualified and was accepted for a Behavioral Health stipend through my school to help pay for my next year, which is huge, and very appreciative. A few of my classmates who applied for it got it as well.

I didn’t attend my undergrad graduation, so I feel like this one will mean even more to me, because I am truly finished with my educational career.

Less than 365 days until I’m finished, let the count down begin! Where has the time gone?


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