Financial Burden, or Not So Much?


Just as a quick reminder to those who are trying to get by while going through grad school, or just trying to survive life in general, here are some useful tips I’ve taken over and put to good use.

  • Using money tracking apps are great! I’ve used a few, and the one that’s started to help me remember my bills (you know like not paying things late and getting fined)
    • Mint by Intuit
    • Prism
    • Paypal
    • Any bank/Credit card app you may find related to your bank (Chase, BoA, Citi, Capital One, etc.)
  • Looking for useful programs? Microsoft offers free access to its applications for students! Naturally I didn’t realize this until I had already bought the $9.99 a month subscription for access to Word and Excel, but I opened up the free access and am trying it out now, so I’ll let you know how it goes!
  • Don’t forget as a student a lot of exhibits like museums will let you in for a discounted price.
  • Finding out if it’s cheaper to get the membership than going multiple times and paying for each single visit to certain amusement parks or zoos.
    • Zoos like the one here in SD have a yearly membership fee for just over what you’ll pay for a one day pass, and when you sign up, you typically get coupons. My friends visiting get to utilize the 50% off entrance coupons because I was smart and paid a little bit extra to have access to the zoo and safari park for a year, so I can go whenever I want to!
  • Budgeting!
    • I know this sounds redundant, but I go through a budgeting stage once every few months, and I’m actually working on keeping receipts in order to track what I’m spending. No I don’t do a great job on staying on top off it at all times, but I think I’ve been doing okay.
    • If you have a paycheck, its super important to start putting 5-10% into a savings account, it really does add up!
    • School is tough to budge for, but I always try to do about $200 a month for gas (I drive a to so I usually end up going over this amount sadly), $200-300 a month for groceries (obviously this is dependent upon how many people you live with), $200 for books each semester (Amazon and Chegg usually have texts books for less, typically but not always so I always compare!), Rent money (for me its been ranging between ($980-1100(for when I paid the pet rent) and obviously this varies depending on where you are and if you’re splitting rent)

I know this isn’t everything but this is what my main focuses are usually on!

I also have been using my planner in order to make sure I have the due dates for bills both in my phone and on paper form. I know that’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do, but using the calendar app on your iPhone or smart phone and having yourself set reminders will make sure you stay on top of everything without feeling too overwhelmed.

I hope this has helped! Definitely give me feed back for any info you think I may have missed or that you may not find as useful! 🙂


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