It’s Social Work Month!



Hey all,

It’s Social Work Month, so I feel obligated to post something.

As a current Social Work student, I am finding the education and the field practicums rewarding and guiding me to what I know I want to do in my future.

My work with children in a school setting has helped me understand the challenges not only kids’ face, but also what the parents are facing as well. Parents are who teach their children right and wrong, how to make decisions for yourself, and some basic general education outside of the classroom (depending on if they’re homeschooled or not obviously).

I’m hoping my next practicum year will help my increase my love for the field. Though its challenging most days, it’s also very rewarding. If you have any questions regarding the field, feel free to ask me! I love telling people my experiences and why I find them beneficial.

Heres a link to show more about Social Work Month!


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