Human Trafficking Awareness Month

I know it’s the last day of the month, but nonetheless, it is still Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

I am passionate about working with those who are fighting to implement and increase anti-human trafficking laws and policies that are focused on the young girl/woman/young boy/man who is taken from his/her home, and has his/her life turned upside down.
I have heard stories, seen movies/documentaries, and heard personal accounts of people who were trafficked, and let me tell you, if these accounts aren’t heart wrenching to you, then I will have trouble understanding how.

Although, most victims are too scared to notify police, or any other regular person they meet about the situation they have been put in, it doesn’t mean we can’t be on the look out and ask that person if they need any help.
Be aware of the signs, and if you notice something that doesn’t seem right, then make note, and call police or someone for help.

It is our duty as citizens of this country, and people on this earth to understand, no human should be treated the way these victims are.

Here are a few helpful links that gives more information on the subject.

Here are some great news articles about the issue:

I could go on all day about why I believe this to be someone more people should be worried about, but in the end, it’s about spreading awareness.




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