Unemployed but not hopeless


So in the last month I was let go from my job, due to the company closing its doors, and I’ve found it increasingly difficult to handle life and all the challenges its throwing at me this last year.

I’m ready for something new, something positive, something exciting, something less challenging.

I may be unemployed but I’m not feeling hopeless, and that is the key to my survival currently.  By survival I mean, mental survival.
If I didn’t have the internship and school to focus on, I would be in a huge funk, and I can tell you, I am not pretty when that happens.

I’m applying to jobs, but the issue I’ve come to realize is, my schedule limits my availability, and my location of home and internship really create a challenge for having the outside time to be enough to even hold a steady part time job. Another issue is, when you have 2 bachelors degrees, companies looking for a secretarial position usually won’t bother calling you back because they think/know you’re over qualified, limiting the jobs you really could do.

How do you (the reader) keep yourself balanced in such a tough time?



2 thoughts on “Unemployed but not hopeless

  1. Ahhh God bless you. I’ve recently gone through a similar situation where I’ve lost my home and belongings. It’s been tough and I feel like I’ve spent most of my time crying but eventually there comes a time where I’ve had to remember all the things I’m fortunate enough to still have, like my family. Being unemployed and struggling to find a job must be so hard for you, but think positive and remember there are no limitations just opportunities. I believe you lost your original job so that the door could be opened for you to find something even more perfect for you, and you may not see it now but I have no doubt very soon that you will be in a position where you think ‘Gosh, I’m so glad none of those other places hired me because THIS is where I’m supposed to be and I’m so happy’. I would reccommend that a great way to ease the stress would be to take some time each day to be thankful for what you do have, and to visualise what you want. Is it possible you could get a Christmas temp job for the time being whilst still looking for something more suitable? At least then there will be some money coming in! Wishing you all the best Xxx

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  2. Things are hard right now but keeping a mindset will ensure that things will look up in the future! You got this! Just keep telling yourself over and over that things will work out.


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