Go on an adventure

Take life for what it is. Stressful, exciting, scary, emotional, etc.

When life hands you lemons… and I think you can finish the rest.

I was handed a lot of stresses this year, and honestly, it’s been a %^&$ show, but I’ve made it through. People kept telling me things come in threes, well my list of life stressors is much longer than three, so I don’t exactly believe in that saying. But what i do believe in, is that you can control your own happiness. A lot of time we will be tested and told it won’t work out, but sometimes things happen for a reason.

I lost my job (the company closed, I was not fired), had my car rear ended, and the passenger side window broken all in the last few months. Yet, the guy I’m dating now and I are taking a spontaneous trip in two weeks, and its the vacation the doctor ordered.

Even though recently I feel like I can’t win, I’m going to make the most of the next two weeks and enjoy my long weekend, because I need it in order to keep myself sane.

So I’m going on an adventure, because a random trip to a place I’ve never been, with a guy I’m only recently dating sounds like a great way to just live life.


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