Unemployed but not hopeless


So in the last month I was let go from my job, due to the company closing its doors, and I’ve found it increasingly difficult to handle life and all the challenges its throwing at me this last year.

I’m ready for something new, something positive, something exciting, something less challenging.

I may be unemployed but I’m not feeling hopeless, and that is the key to my survival currently. ┬áBy survival I mean, mental survival.
If I didn’t have the internship and school to focus on, I would be in a huge funk, and I can tell you, I am not pretty when that happens.

I’m applying to jobs, but the issue I’ve come to realize is, my schedule limits my availability, and my location of home and internship really create a challenge for having the outside time to be enough to even hold a steady part time job. Another issue is, when you have 2 bachelors degrees, companies looking for a secretarial position usually won’t bother calling you back because they think/know you’re over qualified, limiting the jobs you really could do.

How do you (the reader) keep yourself balanced in such a tough time?



Daily Prompt: Artificial

via Daily Prompt: Artificial

Way too many things are artificial these days.

We can’t just enjoy the natural things that the earth gives us. We have to always be improving something or someone or ourselves.

What happened to being genuine and just allowing things to be what they are.

Although I do have to admit, being artificial isn’t all that bad. It can assist those, such as artificial limbs. And Artificial flavoring is sometimes the best thing ever because how else would you get the true flavor into these candies. I do have a sweet tooth, and it gets the best of me.

I find it hard for many things to be all natural, especially when so many things are man made, that it has become natural to allow these things to assist us in so many ways.

It is what it is, or is it?

Go on an adventure

Take life for what it is. Stressful, exciting, scary, emotional, etc.

When life hands you lemons… and I think you can finish the rest.

I was handed a lot of stresses this year, and honestly, it’s been a %^&$ show, but I’ve made it through. People kept telling me things come in threes, well my list of life stressors is much longer than three, so I don’t exactly believe in that saying. But what i do believe in, is that you can control your own happiness. A lot of time we will be tested and told it won’t work out, but sometimes things happen for a reason.

I lost my job (the company closed, I was not fired), had my car rear ended, and the passenger side window broken all in the last few months. Yet, the guy I’m dating now and I are taking a spontaneous trip in two weeks, and its the vacation the doctor ordered.

Even though recently I feel like I can’t win, I’m going to make the most of the next two weeks and enjoy my long weekend, because I need it in order to keep myself sane.

So I’m going on an adventure, because a random trip to a place I’ve never been, with a guy I’m only recently dating sounds like a great way to just live life.