Control (Issues)

7482-Napoleon-Hill-Quote-You-are-the-master-of-your-destiny-You-canWe all have them, we all want to control what will happen with us, whether we be the cause or the reaction.

Working with children with Autism, baby sitting and watching those around me I’ve realized that we all have to control the aspects of our lives.

How do you handle a three year old who has severe control issues to the point where he will undo something in order to be able to finish on his terms and still continue to have a meltdown because of this? This is something I still am wondering myself. I find it odd that children this young have such issues.

I can understand not sharing with others because you weren’t taught to share, but I still am working towards understanding those children who really don’t understand why not playing with others is “not normal”.

Being social is a normal human behavior, and those of us who have to control our environment, limit the social happenings that would occur naturally.

I have friends who feel the need to control their lives down to the minute details, which is sometimes a way to make sure you feel organized, while with the children I work with, it’s inhibiting their social skills.

Controlling your schedule is one thing, controlling what others are doing when you’re interacting with them is creating a difficulty.

I’m really wanting to learn more about this control issue, and why people control certain areas.


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