The End of My First Year as A Grad Student


Well it’s officially over, there, I said it, “I survived my first year of grad school”.
Except for the fact for my DSM final I heard that I misdiagnosed the one scenario I was most worried about, so we will see how many points I get for finishing it at least.
I also may have passed in my other final paper a little late, by late I mean three hours late, so not terrible but I won’t be waiting to the very last minute to do it again. (I always say that)

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions: happy, stressed, sad, freaking out, all the other ones I could possible imagine, but I can say I survived, and that I feel confident with moving forward.

This fall will be a start of a busy year, starting my internship, on top of classes and still working as much as I can.
I like what I do, working with children on the Autism spectrum. It’s been rewarding to see what I can do for those who need it the most.

A little advice to those who want to get a leg up in grad school: talk to your professors.
Get to know them, I know in a smaller program its much easier, but even asking questions in class makes sure they know you’re willing to learn and want to be there (even if you don’t that day, trust me we all have those days).
Grad school has taught me one thing: to stay in touch with your teachers and classmates. I’m glad I go to a smaller program because the students around me are understanding that life happens, and they’ve been a great support system through school and life, and thats more than I could ask for.


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