change wordleChanges occur all the time, and none of us can control all of them.

We can change the color of our hair, the make up we decide to wear, but in the end it’s all just a cover up, the natural being is underneath.

Recently I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes. School, work, relationships, and friends all are changing, whether I like it or not.

Finishing up my first year of grad school, and it’s going pretty well I must say. A few bumps in the road, but that is to be expected.
I start my internship in less than 2 months. It’s scary to think I’m finally getting into the field work portion of the education once again, but this time I’ll actually be put in charge of something a little more important. Working in the counselors office of a school district should be interesting (mostly intimidating, scary, and lots of uncertainty).

Work has been going well, I’ve been at the same job for almost a year, and I’m hoping to continue even through school and the internship. But, changes to my schedule will have to be made, and I’m hoping it works out in my favor.

Last time I wrote about a month ago, I was very much single, and now, I’m not sure what I am. I’m kind of dating someone but even that has had some changes occur within. I’m learning boys/men are all confusing and I don’t have time for the games.

My friendships are changing, mostly because I’m realizing who is actually wanting to spend time with me, and who is just using me for their personal benefit. I can’t control what they do, but I can control how it affects me.

Changes happen all the time, and I hate that I can’t control them. If there was a way, I would be very excited to know how to do so.

As one of my text books says, young adulthood (and adolescence of course) is all about change, whether it be physical or mental, we all change and grow. Some of us just learn how to function with this change better than others.



What do you do?

What do you do when you reach a dilemma, a conflict, or an issue that can’t be avoided?

Do you sit by idly and let it move along and hope it goes away on its own, or do you confront it and force it to be resolved?

What if it’s not so easy, and you don’t want to do the wrong thing? What do you do?

I always believe I have that right answer, but usually it’s only the right answer for me, not for the other person or people around me. So what do you do when your form of resolution doesn’t work for others?

I’m not good at sitting and waiting for an answer to come. I want immediate results, but I want a specific result nonetheless.

So what do you do?