Making it Through Finals Week

I’m one week away from finishing off my second semester of Grad school, and I’m over here still having three panic attacks thinking of the grade I need to get to get myself off probation.

This typical response shouldn’t happen, but it’s one of the easiest things in my life in relation to the past few months, and the stuff I’ve been having to deal with.

Since March, I’ve become single, found a new place to live, come to accept that I’m single, and manage to still get B’s and A’s on my assignments all while dealing with an internal struggle bus.

Moving in with one of my best friends was a life saver, grated we only moved in like a week and a half ago, and yes the apartment is already decorated, and girly. Sorority letters and all.

Getting my head wrapped around the fact that I can’t change the past, and can only move forward has helped me realize being on my own isn’t a bad thing, and for one thing I’m learning how to take care of myself again, not solely worrying about the person I’m with.

I get to go home in a few weeks, and I have to say I definitely have a count down, and can not wait to see my friends and family. It’ll be a nice break from reality and my mom already offered to show me a new margarita recipe she found with me.

Life can be tough, but with good friends and good wine, you will make it through.



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