When The Barista At Starbucks Know Me A Little Too Well…

So I live a half a mile from Starbucks, so naturally I go there, a good amount. Depending on the week I’ve had it’s almost every day.
The only way I save myself money is by ordering K-cups from Keurig. Seriously, It’s a life saver.

Today I walk in after a shitty day and the newer girl asks me “what would you like today” and one of the two regular barista’s walks behind her and says “coffee, duh”.. Which, he was right I really needed one. But I told him “the next time I come in here, I won’t order a coffee just to throw you off your game.”

Of course, tomorrow being Wednesday, I probably can’t follow through on that promise I made because my 9 am session with the 2.5 year old kiddo I see every Wednesday requires me to be alive and functioning, so naturally caffeine will help assist in that. Maybe if I stop by later in the day I’ll order a passion iced tea lemonade with three pumps of raspberry, another regular of mine when I don’t require coffee to do the talking, the doing, and the everything else, like being a functioning person.

So yeah, I may go to that particular Starbucks a lot, but its right on my way to the high way when I head to work and school, so why wouldn’t I? Plus, one of the baristas knows my name too…


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