Procrastination Never Stops

So while I’m supposed to be getting my articles read for an annotated bibliography due this coming Tuesday, instead, I’m here writing this post.

Truth is, once you learn the art of procrastination, it never stops. I mean, ever since middle school I found ways to evade my homework until the last possible moment. Grad school is no exception.

Today, I face timed my friend from back home, and that of course lasted over an hour, so once we hung up I decided if I got out of the house to work on researching for articles, I might get something done with my life today. And, thats when the lie began.
I got myself and my dog ready to head to Starbucks and off we went. Ended up chatting with the barista of course, and found a table outside to sit at. Of course multiple distractions occurred, such as, the old men who go to that Starbucks everyday saying hi to me, the man sitting next to me made a comment about Stella ( my dog), as well as having multiple people stop and stare at her and comment “your dog is adorable”, so naturally it took me almost an hour to find four articles.

Now here I am at home back on my couch, because it’s getting to cold to sit outside, writing a blog post instead of analyzing the articles I found.
No matter how many years of schooling you have, you will never avoid the procrastination phase, trust me. I have found a way to work with the continuous phase instead of fighting it, that is, to have it work in your favor instead of against you. I usually will cook food or do some other reading or clean the apartment, but of course I also love to peruse Facebook and Twitter, and find myself staying distracted for hours at a time.
Lately I’ve been telling myself, one article must be read and notes taken before you can turn on Netflix again. It’s tough to follow, but I’m working on it, I swear.

It’s a tough phase to get over, but like I said, work with it instead of against it and it might make your life easier.


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